No Barriers

The UChicago Commitment

No Barriers is a comprehensive plan to increase access to college, support students as they receive an empowering education, and prepare them for lifelong professional success. With the help of this plan, students can focus on what is truly important — their education.

No Application Fee

Families who apply for financial aid do not have to pay a college application fee to UChicago. Students have the flexibility to truly take ownership of their application and choose how best to represent themselves, from test-optional application submission to diverse supplementary material options.

Guaranteed Free Tuition

Families earning less than $125,000 per year (with typical assets) will receive a financial aid award that covers the full cost of tuition. Families earning less than $60,000 per year will have tuition, fees, and room and board covered by financial aid. UChicago’s need-based financial aid involves no loans and is awarded as grants, which do not need to be repaid.

Funded Opportunities

Generous funding for summer and school-year involvement is available – from internships and research positions to study abroad and career exploration treks – for all majors and interests.

Lifelong Career Support

Career support starts with your personal career advisor , continues through four years of professional development programs that introduce skills built upon the previous year’s lessons, and becomes real experience through over 2,800 funded internships annually.

UChicago has been the catalyst that has sparked a fire, and as I gain leadership positions, internships, friends, and knowledge, I can be a force to be reckoned with.”

Anthony Downer
Atlanta, GA

Empowering Education

Education for All

The UChicago Empower Initiative seeks to increase access to UChicago by expanding access for first-generation and rural students, enhancing financial support for those who serve our communities, and enabling student agency and ownership in the college admissions process. Learn more

The UChicago Difference

The University of Chicago is a leading community of creative, motivated, and inspired scholars who collaborate to enrich human life through their work. UChicago’s Core curriculum gives each undergraduate a comprehensive liberal arts education rooted in discussion-style learning and debate that is paired with one (or more!) of our over 50 majors. Students leave the College with fundamental skills along with specialized knowledge in their chosen area. By making this education affordable for all through loan-free financial aid, we are committed to ensuring every UChicago undergraduate benefits from this educational style and is given an unobstructed path to follow their passions.

I consider my education a gift and I hope to give this gift to future UChicago students."

Christina Rivers
Jacksonville, FL

Enriching Human Life

Knowledge to last a lifetime

The College seeks students who are intellectual explorers, and prepares them to be leaders in their chosen fields. Career advising and mentored internship programs help students find ways to apply their intellectual experiences to enrich a career or professional field. No Barriers helps students fully pursue their interests and passions without fear of student debt influencing their plans.

Professional Development

New resources under No Barriers include special career advising for first-year students, early job shadowing externships, and specialized advising in a variety of career and professional paths through the “UChicago Careers In” programs. Workshops empower all students to become effective leaders in both the classroom and the workplace. 2,500 fully-paid Metcalf Internships let students explore a variety of career and professional paths, especially in new cities and countries. Treks across the country and around the world are opportunities for students to meet with employers in their ideal field and see all kinds of careers in action.

I am so thankful for my first internship, the grants that allowed me to study abroad, and that happy moment when I realized I wouldn’t have to settle for less while in school."

Safiya Johnson
Chicago, IL

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